Due to COVID-19 related staffing issues, updates to CheckMySupps.com may not reflect the most recent lab test results. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

What are 3rd Party lab tests?

NutraBio's commitment to product transparency is second to none. We created CheckMySupps.com to provide consumers direct access to 3rd-party laboratory test results on finished NutraBio products. This ensures that what is listed on the label is what you are getting in the bottle. NutraBio manufactures our supplements in our own cGMP facility. We test our products in our in-house laboratory while also sending them out to 3rd party labs to offer further verification for you. To view your NutraBio product(s) lab results, please enter the lot number (usually found on the bottom of our bottles) in the search box below.

NutraBio sets the gold standard for quality in the supplement industry. No prop blends, no fillers, full therapeutic dosages, no scams and an industry first consumer direct access to published 3rd party lab results. Some talk about changing the industry, NutraBio has been doing it for 27 years.

What's different about NutraBio... Quality!

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